A great day at the Mokes!  The masterful French Grandfather/Grandson team (Esteve & Maurice) & their crew (Lian & Francois) landed a massive haul of fish.  The ocean going Kahawai were huge.  The Trevally were gigantic.  The Bin full of fish was nicely topped off by the skill of Grand Dad & his jigging technique to land the best Kingi of the day.

Electricity at the Mokes!

Carl Gordon Electrical & his crew were lucky enough to experience one of those magical days at the Mokes.  A light westerly breeze pushed us all the way there & on arrival the skies turned blue & the breeze eased off to variable.  A very hot yet relaxing day which produced a number of good size fish including Kingi, Trevally, Snapper & Kahawai.  The crew of 6 split into two teams for a bit of competitive banter………lots of friendly squabble over which team caught the most fish, biggest fish & most species.  The “qualified” sparkies finally had to accept a very close fought 2nd place to the “unqualified”  sparkies.  Not a bad days work!!!

Tough Glass at the Mokes

Dwayne Heemi & the crew from toughened glass & glazing company toughed it out to the Mokes!  A hard bash out there into the wind & swell but well worth the trip as the weather came good….as can be seen by the photo taken by Groper Rock with Dwayne, Mike & Sonny Heemi showing off their Mokohinau pannies & a bonus John Dory.

Finesse xmas bash!

Muzza & his team from Finesse Residential booked Fishmeister for 3 days of fishing the Mokes & the Hen & Chicks.  Good fish all round topped off by day 3 when a few good size kingis were landed drifting around the huge schools of kawahai & trevally out by Coppermine at the Chicks.  The Snapper are not as prolific as they were a couple of weeks ago but having the warm water in closer with the large schools of bait fish has prompted the Kingi action! Nice!!

Great Barrier & Mokes

3 Days of fishing & diving at GB & the Mokes = overdose of fun & feasting.  Big Snapper & Kingis topped off with a few yummy crays on the side……Awesome!!  Great Barrier Lodge at Whangaparapara is now open and an ideal place for Fishmeister guests to stay when on overnight trips to Barrier.

Hen & Chicks Oct 27th

The water was still very cold at 16 degrees C!  Barracuda are still about & attacking all tackle aggressively but with a little effort some good fish were binned at the end of the day.  Dave & his crew from Tern Point were on their first charter aboard Fishmeister & seemed very happy with their catch!…especially Dave who took out the trophy for first fish, most species (including snapper, gurnard, trevally & pigfish) & biggest fish.

Napier visitor very happy with winter snapper

We ventured out both Saturday and Sunday this weekend with visitors from Napier. These guys couldn’t believe the difference between fishing down in Hawkes Bay open waters to the beautiful islands and scenery just off Mangawhai Heads. They were even more impressed with the large resident snapper we brought on board as all they’ve been catching down there lately is gurnard.

Saturday was a bit rough going with the winds still high and the fish not biting. We were so glad we made the effort to get out again on Sunday. The weather was still a bit blowy so the lee of the Hen was the perfect spot for us. Stray lining the berley trail with no weight and whole pilchards was the most productive for us and we managed to bring some beautiful snapper, the best one being 14lbs.

The Napier boys said they’ll be back!

A huge variety of fish caught today

The day of the fishing comp we were all ready for a big day with six on board.

Unfortunately the fishing competition was cancelled due to large swells on the bar.  The fishing club absolutely made the right call as the bar was too big for most to tackle, especially without local knowledge.

Due to the size and type of our boat we were able to safely head out once the tide had stopped running. Once safely across the bar we headed for Sail Rock to the 51m hole which had been producing good snapper.

Unfortunately none were to be found so we dragged some rapalas around Sail Rock which produced a couple of monster kahawai – loads of fun. This was followed by a quick soft bait landing snapper, gurnard and pig fish. The wind and swell made things less than comfortable so we headed for the lee of the Hen for a stray line and here picked up a couple of good snapper and a 76cm kingfish on a light rod – awesome!

We then headed to the Chicks for some more drift fishing on deep pinnacles resulting in a variety of fish including snapper, pink mao mao and cod. We finished off the day stray lining back at the Hen and as always, picked up a good number of large pannies.

So today produced one of the largest varieties of species ever – all great eating fish. We’re so lucky to have all this right at our doorstep.

A day at the Mokohinau’s

Today the forecast was better so we decided to take a member of the local volunteer fire brigade all the way out to the Mokohinau’s for a bit of reconnaissance. The weather was 5 knots variable so we made the trip from Mangawhai to the Mokes in less than an hour – too easy. Target species today was kingfish so we filled up the live bait tank with some fat, juicy live bait. Unfortunately the forecast didn’t pan out as expected and a 15-20 knot nor’wester kicked in – which made targeting the kingi’s a bit difficult. So the kingi’s won on this day. In the end we switched to soft baiting in the lee of the Mokes which produced a good feed of snapper and trevally. The trip home was a bit rough but the boat handled it with ease and still took only just over an hour.