Awesome day at the Mokes!

What a great day out at the Mokes. The original plan was to spend the day at the Hen & Chicks, but the weather was so beautiful the crew voted to head to the Mokes. The fishing was superb with a variety of species on offer. Mark caught his personal best snapper, weighing in at Top Catch at over 21lbs. Our father and son team both hooked up at the same time, and managed to take time out to give us a smile. All round great fishing and great company – look forward to seeing you again soon.

Deep water reef fish

We had a fabulous trip out to the Mokohinaus yesterday. John and his crew have been on Fishmeister before. Last time we went just to the Hen & Chicks – this time we had beautiful weather so headed straight out to the Mokes. Although some good snapper were there to be caught, the target species of the day were deep water reef fish – particularly grandaddy hapuka.

We were treated to an abundance of good size deep water reef fish – check out the photo of the proud angler holding up his grandaddy hapuka!

Thanks John – great to have you on board again.

2 Grandaddies


End of winter fishing

This was tough winter fishing. Not a lot of fish about but those that came on board were absolute beauties. Estimated weight of this trophy snapper was in excess of 8kgs. This was caught stray lining with one of Fishmeister’s hire rods, the Shimano Thunnus, floating pilchard with no weight and Jason did a great job to land this fish.

We tried to release this beauty but unfortunately the struggle was too much for him and he wouldn’t have survived. Instead the plan was to send him off to the smokehouse for everyone to enjoy.

All in all a great day out.

Whale watching

This weekend saw some beautiful sunsets out on the water following a warm almost-summer’s day. The fish were jumping – with plenty ending up in the chilli bin – and the hen was looking at her best.  Check out the sunset photo as we leave.

Ted was hot on the rod with the catch of the day – well done.

The big treat for us yesterday was a hump back whale travelling right alongside us for a while. Unfortunately out of 4 cameras on board, no-one got a decent shot so you’ll just have to believe us!!!

Looking forward to a great summer of fishing. The water is warming up and the bar has been treating us well. Come along and find out for yourself.

The Hen       Sunset fishing

Winter Fishing the Mokes

Winter fishing has been challenging due to weather conditions, cold water temperatures & less “bite times” which has meant catching less fish overall.  That said there are still plenty of good size fish for those that are prepared to put in that extra effort.  Some good fish have been caught drifting in deeper water but the best results have been in close with lots of berley & large floating baits on stray lines….. in particular out at the Mokohinau Islands which seems to hold good fish all year round.  Pictured here is young Ben & Lewis who had their first trip ever out to the Mokes & did well to pull some good snapper out of the shallow kelp beds on the eastern edge of the main island.





Awesome Autumn Fishing Mangawhai

The fishing around Mangawhai Heads & the Hen & Chicks has been awesome!….especially Snapper with most anglers able to catch their limit of good size fish.  As always a lot of fish were released.  Fishmeister is proud to announce that more & more anglers are happy to release fish & are not always focused on catching their limit.

The water temperature was higher than usual until very late in the season which could explain the large schools of Trevally & Kahawai which meant the King fish were also hanging around.




Down Tools – Up Rods!

On Thursday Jay & crew were treated to a well earned break.  Chadwick Builders generously provided the team with an all expenses paid afternoon’s fishing aboard Fishmeister.  So the crew downed tools early at Tara Iti to meet at the Mangawhai Heads Boat ramp at lunch time.   After a quick safety briefing Fishmeister & crew were safely across the Mangawhai Bar & steaming out to Taranga Island aka the “Hen”.

Most of the crew were used to catching blue cod in the Christchurch Region so it was a pleasure for all to be catching personal best snapper, in particular Shane’s trophy pictured below measuring in at 63cm with an estimated weight of 7kg.  There was already a bin full of good size snapper on board so Shane did the right thing & released this magnificent specimen back to the depths to breed & perhaps fight another day.  A great day was had by all with talk of returning to Fishmeister in the near future for a bigger trip to the Mokes &/or Great Barrier Island to target more trophy Snapper & Kingfish.

Down Tools Up Rods





Awesome Easter Fishing

This Easter delivered great weather for the time of year enabling Fishmeister to get out on all booked charters……..6 crews in all including a successful fishing competition hosted by the Mangawhai Boating & Fishing Club.  One of the elated anglers aboard Fishmeister won a cash prize for weighing in the 2nd heaviest snapper of the tournament.

All crews over the weekend enjoyed prolific fishing around the Hen & Chicks with an abundance of species across the board in particular Snapper, Kahawai, Trevally & a couple of reasonable size bonus kingfish!  Monday afternoons crew Mitchell & his crew (Joel, Angie, Lauren, Megan & Maria) got painfully close to landing a Kingi of a lifetime estimated to be in excess of 20 kg!  After fighting the fish for over 10 minutes we finally got it alongside the boat.  Just as they were about to net the trophy fish it gave one final huge flip of its tail to break the trace.  Although they did not land the trophy it was awesome to watch the magnificent Kingfish swim away to fight another day.

Kingi On!
Kingi On!
Kingi Off!
Kingi Off!



Two groups one day

A full day out fishing with a crew change at half time made for a great day’s fishing for this group of 9 people. We headed out to the Hen & Chickens early in the morning and the party was in full swing pretty quickly. Everyone was busy landing snapper, mostly pannies, with a few kingis thrown in. Unfortunately the kingis were just under legal size so we took great pleasure in releasing them to fight another day.  The afternoon crew were just as busy and managed to land a few larger snapper, so the sausages would have stayed in the fridge for a few more days.

The swell got up a bit for a while there, but the hen provided good shelter and all on board enjoyed the day. All in all a great day out.

Fish of the day
Fish of the day
A beautiful day on the water
A beautiful day on the water

Ex Pat Excitement!

Today the plan was to fish all day around the Hen & Chicks.  However once across the Mangawhai Heads Bar the conditions were so good that Hamish & Estel made the decision to head out to the Mokes. They were duly rewarded with the kind of fishing that only the Mokes can deliver.  So far away from their home in England, the Mokohinau Islands feel like a completely different world. The fishing was ballistic and Hamish and Estel had a great work out. Two customers came home at the end of the day very tired but very happy – thanks for joining us on Fishmeister!

Shimano Thunnus working hard!
Shimano Thunnus working hard!