Ocean going kahawai

We took advantage of a break in the weather on Wednesday to take a quick trip to the Hen and Chicks. We decided to try out some new spots.

As usual, plenty of good snapper and an abundance of large ocean going kahawai which were a lot of fun on the light soft bait tackle. We had difficulty reaching the snapper through the huge schools of kahawai! The kahawai were particularly voracious, taking pilchards, squid, soft bait and lures. So we took the opportunity to have a bit of fun – catching large, strong kahawai on light tackle is always great fun.

We rate kahawai as one of the best fish, both from a power to weight ratio, making them fun to catch, but as a great eating fish both fresh and smoked. Although we were only out for a few hours, we managed to bring home plenty of food for the family.

Nice to have had a break from the windy weather to get out there. The bar was fairly tame and the sun was shining.