A huge variety of fish caught today

The day of the fishing comp we were all ready for a big day with six on board.

Unfortunately the fishing competition was cancelled due to large swells on the bar.  The fishing club absolutely made the right call as the bar was too big for most to tackle, especially without local knowledge.

Due to the size and type of our boat we were able to safely head out once the tide had stopped running. Once safely across the bar we headed for Sail Rock to the 51m hole which had been producing good snapper.

Unfortunately none were to be found so we dragged some rapalas around Sail Rock which produced a couple of monster kahawai Рloads of fun. This was followed by a quick soft bait landing snapper, gurnard and pig fish. The wind and swell made things less than comfortable so we headed for the lee of the Hen for a stray line and here picked up a couple of good snapper and a 76cm kingfish on a light rod Рawesome!

We then headed to the Chicks for some more drift fishing on deep pinnacles resulting in a variety of fish including snapper, pink mao mao and cod. We finished off the day stray lining back at the Hen and as always, picked up a good number of large pannies.

So today produced one of the largest varieties of species ever – all great eating fish. We’re so lucky to have all this right at our doorstep.