Harry’s first good kahawai – Hen and Chicks

What a day for Harry. We enjoyed a beautiful sunny day out at the Hen & Chickens (as you can see from the photo). On the way out there, we stopped to see what the birds were so excited about. Wow –  it was such a bonus to see huge schools of blue mao mao – these were just amazing to see in the crystal clear water. We could have stayed for ages and wished we’d had the snorkelling gear. A few other boats gathered round and we spent an enjoyable half and hour just watching these beautiful creatures.

On we cruised to the Hen where the bird work led us to a couple of kahawai boil ups. Out went the casts with young Harry being the first to hook up. After that it was busy, busy, busy and a lot of fun had by all. A number were released, especially those that were only lip hooked. The unfortunate ones that were gut or gill hooked were dealt to (iki’ed and bled) and put straight on ice. Thank goodness for oversized chilli bins and salt ice!

A very exciting day all round and we’re quite sure Harry’s school mates would have heard plenty about it.