A good haul despite the winds

After a few days of miserable weather we decided it was time to get outdoors yesterday, despite the gusty winds. After a leisurely start to the day, we headed out around 9.30. The bar crossing was absolutely fine but it was too windy to go far. We tucked in on the western end of the Hen to shelter from the sou’easter where wind and tide worked in our favour. It was pretty rough out there but the fishing was awesome. Thanks to Top Catch for providing the new metal sliders for us to trial. They proved efficient at hooking up fish at 60m under the bird work up. Most notable was when one of our party had a prize snapper hooked. It was quite a battle to get it in and after 20 minutes it was almost out of fight. Suddenly along came…yes you guessed it….a hungry shark. Bye bye snapper. Snapper was estimated to be well in excess of 20lbs but hey, that’s fishing. A big berley trail later led to the  ultimate stray lining experience and we caught the limit of large pannies for all.